Laurence Karasek

Just 15 years old Laurence Karasek started his education as a painter.

In the 60’s he pursued an education in painting at the Royal Academie of Art in London and began making sculpture.

His long journey as an artist and a teacher of art at the universities all around the globe has begun. In the 1970’s Karasek was a nationally known and respected sculptor in New Zealand. Here he met the touring Clement Greenberg, then the primary art critic and theorist of the New York School.

This meeting confirmed the need to move to New York, where he came into contact with a number of leading artists, such as Dennis Oppenheim.

After 1990 Karasek concentrates on painting only. He gives up his profession as a teacher. Laurence Karasek’s most recent paintings are created away from his studio in New York, in Kanton Zug, Switzerland. Inspired by the quietness of the Swiss countryside, by Matisse and Cezanne, he has created various impressions of the Zuger See. The rural style and tradition of the great Impressionists is continued by mondain cityman Karasek.

In 2006 Laurence Karasek moves back to the United States, where he founded the Art School Fredericksburg in Texas.