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Light of nature

Sara Sepulveda
Mixed media on canvas
100 x 100 cm
Sales price: 3’400 CHF
Rental price: 102 CHF per month
Excluding VAT


Sara Sepulveda

Sara Sepulveda is a Spanish abstract artist based in Basel. Her work focuses on the interior topography of our feelings through the perception of the landscapes and the poetic language of abstraction.

She majored in Architecture in Valencia and Rome and participated in many artistic and interdisciplinary workshops around Europe before becoming a professional artist.

Her artworks express a reduction of the reality to an emotion using the voice of colours, the sensibility of textures and the changing beauty of light.

Her abstract landscapes represent the structure, the geometry and the harmony of the Nature. They are poetic places where the viewers build the visual architecture of their own feelings.

In her creative process, she uses the transparency of layers and the overlay of materials (mainly plaster or paper) to create textures and depth in her compositions. She also uses metallic colors or pigments to include the changing reflections of light in her pieces. She adapts it to different techniques, mostly mixed media and collage on canvas or paper.

In her artistic career, she participated in international solo and group exhibitions and her paintings are mostly located in European and American collections.