Sara Sepulveda Interview

Sara Sepulveda studied Architecture in Spain and Italy and participated in a variety of creative, interdisciplinary workshops.

When – and why – did you decide to become a fulltime painter?
‘Becoming a professional visual artist was a process that took me many years. Painting was a voice to express myself since I was a child.
After majoring in Architecture and taking part in artistic workshops I started to paint again’.
For many years I combined working as an architect and painting until I decided to follow my vocation as an artist.

How do you work?
(like, spontaneously, systematically, after nature, pure fantasy)
‘Most of the times I paint with the idea of a geometry in my mind. Architecture taught me to look differently at the images and the space that surround us.
That is the reason why in my compositions there is a constant search for structure and harmony.
I also use the poetry of abstraction, the voice of colors, the sensibility of textures and the play of light to create and balance my pieces’.

What is your inspiration? Any examples – people, styles – in art history?
Many artists, and also architects, have influenced my work but mostly Joaquin Sorolla and Fernando Zobel.
Joaquin Sorolla was a realistic painter born in Valencia, my hometown. He is known as “the painter of light” because the way he paints the colors and shades that light contains.
Fernando Zobel was the founder of the Abstract Museum of Spain in Cuenca. Thanks to him I discovered the beauty of minimalism and the poetry that can be read in abstract paintings.
I also get inspired by the Nature, the landscapes of the sky, the reflections of the water, the light and colors of the cities and countries where I have lived.

Your life (or professional) motto / philosophy?
“Art is the combination between what artists create and what viewers create…Painting new artworks means to me creating new emotions.”