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Untitled I

Rudolf Hurni
Acryl auf Holz
70 x 70 cm
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Rudolf Hurni (1914 – 2003) started his career as a typographer, in the early thirties of the last century, decorating shop windows and vehicles. In 1939 he participated in design work for the Swiss National exhibition in Zürich.
After the war he kept working as a graphic designer, thus financing his travels to Berlin and Paris, where he studied painting.
After longer periods in France, he created still life and interior paintings, as well as outdoor pictures.
Art subsidies of the Canton of Zurich enabled him to make several trips to Italy in the sixties.
Hurni concentrated on still lifes and (more rarely) on female figures now in pasty oil technique, clearly abstracted.
A severe illness forces him to slow down, his work gets more abstract, his style develops into Constructivism.
Color surfaces emerged as “concrete” pictorial objects in geometric structures, of which we present here some examples.