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Mary Blaesi
Mixed media on canvas
100 x 100 cm
Sales price: 4’600 CHF
Rental price: 138 CHF per month
Excluding VAT



Born and raised in Graubünden, Blaesi’s professional career starts with graphic design in Zürich. She works as a graphic freelancer in Switzerland and abroad.

After further training in design and art at the Zürich University of the Arts, she starts her own studio in 2001.

Mary Bleasi works on the canvas by applying and removing different materials in layers, inspired by structures from nature, which gain extra dimensions and contrast by the colors.

Constrasts in nature and people have been the central theme of her work for years.

The theme of human beings in all their facets and emotions is also an important part of Mary Bleasi’s art.

Over the years, she has developed her own personal style of combining elements such as structures, opposites, nature, people and emotions in her works, sometimes also in the distinction of abstract and figurative painting.

Mary Bleasi exhibits her works all over Switzerland and in various international art shows.