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Giorgio Avanti
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 100 cm
Sales price: 4300 CHF
Rental price: 129 CHF per month

Excluding VAT


Giorgio Avanti

Giorgio Avanti lives, works, paints and writes in Zug and Ticino, Switzerland.

How do you work?
Spontaneously! I have this ‘drive’ since I was a little kid. My parents used to have 3 valuable oil paintings. When I once was alone I grabbed pencil and paint and started to change the pictures, because I thought they were not that good. It’s not me, but ‘it’, that starts to paint. It is some sort of addiction. There is no particular way or system. It’s an independent process, to which I have nothing to add, at least not consciously. It could be the soul that speaks, or maybe the unconscious, using me as a medium. When I work I am in a state of utmost concentration and inner drive, like a machine, a transformer at work. I work on several pictures simultaneously. In my studio in Ticino I am often busy with 10 works or more, which are being created together. On the other hand there are paintings being never ready. I keep on redesigning and over painting them.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My actual sources of inspiration are on one side my memories, on the other side the moment, the mood I’m in. I have no influence on the creation. Only since half a year I make sketches now and then, which I partly never one to onework out. The sketches are the result of spontaneous ideas. The same thing happens to me with writing too, something that always astonishes me. I was always influenced by Le Corbusier and by Scarpa as well, a gifted and very creative Italian architect and artist. Finally, it’s the eternal Female, the contact and the experience with women, that inspires me constantly, as well as good wine, literature and music. While painting, I like to listen to the music of Beethoven and Schumann and thus get accompanied on my journey to my forms and figures.

How would you describe your style?
It goes in the direction of abstract expressionism. You can find elements of Klee and Miro. The signs and symbols of these artists are integrated unconsciously, like archetypes. Recently I tend more and more to a figurative way of expression, which appears very autonomous and noninfluenced. This is my personal archetype, seemingly the result of many years of working, thanks to more than 3000 paintings.

What is the function of fine art?
Fine art is an important element of our culture, like music and literature. Culture gives meaning and fundament to our life. It is an essential part of human experience and development and probably one of the best ways to find yourself, to selfrealisation, also in a religious way. Art as a life elixir. Everyone needs it, always, everywhere. Specially at the working space I think an artistic environment is very valuable, not only as an area to rest and recreate, but also as a place of inspiration and contemplation. Art can initiate spontaneous joy, a positive memory and many personal associations.

The role of art in the office?
I think art is a communication tool that does not distract. It can be stimulating for individuals, constructive for relations. The contact with art and culture is enrichment for everybody. Fitness for Spirit and Soul!