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Katia Mandelli
Lugano, Switzerland, 1974

In 2005 I moved to Morcote, where I currently reside and work. I started to get interested in photography young, as an autodidact I learned the basics. Since 1994 my images have begun to be appreciated in Ticino in several group exhibitions .

The great passion led me quickly to a level of preparation that allowed me to teach photography inside the Ticino camera clubs.

In 2005 I met the man who would become my husband (also a professional photographer for over twenty years ) and in 2007 I opened a photo studio with him in Morcote with the brand KWemotions photography (later MAKRO photographers ) specialized in wedding photography .

In recent years I have begun to explore more seriously abstract photography with my personal research project which I gave the name of VisiografiKa .

In 2011 the project was ready to be presented and the results of my research began to be concretely appreciated in various group -and solo exhibitions.
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