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John Laurence Karasek
England, 1939

John Laurence Karasek pursued a formal education in painting at the Royal Academy of Art in London during the early 1960’s and began making sculpture, engaging the increasingly challenging ideas in the art of the time.
His long journey as an artist and art teacher at academies all over the globe has started.

By the early 1970’s, Karasek was a nationally known and respected sculptor in New Zealand, an artist whose work was commissioned and seen in the major cities. At the university in Christchurch he met the touring Clement Greenberg, then the leading art critic and theorist of the New York School. Having already researched the emerging American avant garde, this meeting confirmed the need to move to New York where Laurence came into contact with a number of leading artists like Dennis Oppenheim.

An established artist in New York, Laurence continued to refine his approach to painting, exhibiting widely and building his reputation as a leading lecturer of art. In 1976 he was appointed the chair of the Art Department at the University of Montana.

Laurence Karasek’s most recent paintings, created away from his studio in New York in Zug, Switzerland, demonstrate the cyclic nature of his career. Laurence began his early practice emulating but later rejecting the work of Cezanne, but now finds Cezanne and Matisse inspiring.